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How To Clean A Vacuum Cleaner?

A Vacuum Cleaner now is the most important thing in housekeeping to give you more ease in cleaning your house. You need that like for every daily need. Most of the house owners have this superb machine. Even in this modern era when technology grows so fast, and there have been many brands that compete to produce the Best Vacuum Cleaner, it’s been a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner that has different feature and pros. Besides it comes with many brands and many features, when we have bought, we should care about it too. How long have you been using a vacuum cleaner? How far do you know to maintain your machine? Most of the house owners don’t care about the maintenance and some of them just use it like for years and even don’t care to keep it durable.
how-to-cleans-vacuum-cleaner How To Clean A Vacuum Cleaner?Don’t ever claim about the durability provided by the manufacturer when you have no idea to maintain and care. A machine is not only a machine, but it also needs good and proper cleaning. We all know that not all machines can stand for a thousand years, and it needs your cares. Not all vacuum cleaners can be good in a certain type of cleaning, but it needs special instruction for cleaning it. To ensure that you will have right ways to clean your vacuum cleaner, here are our tips to answer your question about how to clean a vacuum cleaner for vacuum filtration and vacuum accessories. Make sure that you read it well and prepare what you will use in cleaning your superb vacuum cleaner.

What you need to prepare

• Mop or Broom
• Wire hanger
• Sheets for drying, you need to pick the one that is good for drying
• Vinegar, It’s recommended to use white one
• Scissors


1. Unplug your current vacuum cleaner to keep you safe for cleaning your cleaner ;
2. Remove or replace the bag that contains dirt or dust; it is important to remove the bag first to get easier cleaning ;
3. After removing the bag, you need to clean vacuum filtration and rinse it with water; it can remove the bad smell or odors from the vacuum ;
4. Use the wire hanger to get through any clog in your vacuum ;
5. Wrap the broom with your sheets to dry the broom. You can use the tape to hold it and keep the broom at the place. Ensure that you handle the dust gently ;
6. To clean the vacuum, you need to dampen the towel with vinegar you have prepared. Why should you use vinegar? It is good for removing the odors and the bacteria that lives inside the vacuum. Wait until the vinegar is dry inside the vacuum ;
7. Cut the hairs or threads using the scissors ;
8. Spray the vacuum and the vacuum accessories using vinegar ;
9. Wipe the vacuum especially the surface of it using damp cloth.
That’s all the things you should prepare and steps to do when you are going to have your vacuum cleaner clean and free from odors and bacteria. Ensure that you do following the instruction.

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